An open-lab for sustainable products.
A warehouse to collect valuable re-usable material and a lab for developing new ones.

Climate change, population growth, and unsustainable industry are specific factors that threaten our survival on the planet. This is expected to worsen soon. Now more than ever it is important to design new ways, create new models and alter the contemporary system to a more sustainable one.

Create a medium between creators and sustainable materials. A model that facilitate (through direct experimentation) the usage of recovered as well as biodegradable or less-pollutive materials.


The idea comes from a direct experience on circular design. With OID we designed upcycled products recovering materials from the local community as well as industrial facilities

Advantages of upcycle design are economical as you recover materials most of the time for free, and visual flexibility

Disadvantages of this approach are longer time for find usable resources or to adapt the material for usable standards

One of the reasons the project stop was that we were trying to overlap the lack of a system that could guarantee us an easier supply of recovered materials.


Bridging sustainable design with society

We would work as an intermediate between the industry-waste and creators, we would recover valuable post-industrial materials, creating a catalog online and storing those materials. The facility would have the best availability for creators in order to facilitate their work as sustainable-impacters. We would sell the material itself that could be bought directly by other companies, individuals or organization. The creators and designers could opt to sell through the lab. It's going to be a social work. Involving as much as stakeholders as possible. The Lab would be open to the local community collecting their valuable trash, creating workshops, conferences, and debates. We would collaborate with local producers and artisans to craft new solw-products. involve university in the research and developing process.